[Care Revolution] Sumire’s New Product Changes the Norm in Nursing Care! The Fusion of Comfort and Functionality?

[Care Revolution] Sumire’s New Product Changes the Norm in Nursing Care! The Fusion of Comfort and Functionality?

As Japan’s aging population continues to grow, the demand for nursing care products is rapidly increasing. However, current nursing care products face many challenges. These include the development of pressure ulcers due to insufficient pressure distribution in mattresses, discomfort caused by poor ventilation, and product designs that place a heavy burden on caregivers. There is much room for improvement.

In light of this, Inoac Living’s nursing care brand “Sumire” has announced a groundbreaking new product that addresses these issues. Now, let’s have a quiz.

Q: How does Sumire’s new product solve the problems in nursing care?

a: By using ultra-lightweight materials to reduce the burden on caregivers
b: By incorporating AI to automatically change body position
c: By developing products with excellent pressure distribution and breathability, utilizing the technology of a chemical materials manufacturer

The answer is c!

“Sumire” develops products that meet various needs, such as pressure distribution and breathability, by leveraging the technology of Inoac, a chemical materials manufacturer. Of particular note are the nursing care mattresses and cushions made with urethane foam.

These products are designed not only for use in nursing care settings but also to provide comfort and ease of use for both those receiving care and those providing it. They contribute to the prevention of pressure ulcers by evenly distributing body pressure, prevent stuffiness with high breathability, and reduce the burden on caregivers with appropriate firmness and elasticity.

This new product holds the potential to provide a more comfortable and safer life for the elderly and disabled who receive care. Mattresses with high pressure distribution can significantly reduce the risk of pressure ulcers for those who are bedridden for long periods, leading to an improvement in their quality of life. Additionally, the good breathability will reduce discomfort, especially in summer, providing a comfortable sleeping environment.

From the perspective of caregivers, expectations for this product are also high. Improved usability will reduce the burden of daily care tasks. This will lead to a reduction in the physical and mental stress of caregivers, enabling the provision of higher quality care services.

Technology removes barriers. Sumire’s new product is a good example of how advances in chemical technology can improve the quality of nursing care. We can expect the emergence of more such innovative products in the future.

For more information: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/release/202404159446