[Barrier-Free Revolution] Portable Ramp Solves Step Problems! What’s the Amazing Feature?

[Barrier-Free Revolution] Portable Ramp Solves Step Problems! What’s the Amazing Feature?

For wheelchair users and the elderly, steps in daily life pose significant barriers. Unexpected steps encountered when going out, at building entrances, or when getting on and off trains restrict freedom of movement and reduce quality of life. Conventional ramps have limited installation locations and are difficult to carry around, failing to solve step problems in all situations.

In light of this, AS ONE Corporation introduces a new product, the “Portable Ramp,” at the “Barrier-Free 2024” exhibition, bringing an innovative solution to this problem. Now, let’s have a quiz.

Q: How does this new product, the “Portable Ramp,” solve the step problem?

a: By using AI to automatically detect steps and deploy the ramp
b: By adopting a lightweight and foldable design for easy carrying and immediate setup
c: By using a ground-embedded ramp that automatically emerges when needed

The answer is b!

This “Portable Ramp” adopts a lightweight and foldable design. This allows users to easily carry it to necessary locations and set it up immediately. The main features are as follows:

  • Use of lightweight materials for easy portability
  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Durable materials to ensure safety
  • Adjustable function to accommodate various step heights
  • Non-slip processing to support safe movement

These features allow users to move confidently even when out and about, greatly expanding their range of activities.

This portable ramp is generating great expectations among people with disabilities and the elderly. By reducing anxiety when going out and enabling freer movement, it is expected to increase opportunities for social participation and improve quality of life. It also reduces the burden on caregivers, enabling safer and more comfortable assistance.

Furthermore, the widespread use of such products leads to an increase in barrier-free awareness in society as a whole. It is expected to be used as a temporary step elimination measure in event venues and commercial facilities, allowing more people to realize the importance of barrier-free design.

Technology removes barriers. This portable ramp is an excellent example of contributing to an environment where everyone can participate equally in society by expanding freedom of movement. We can expect the emergence of more such innovative products in the future.

For more information: https://www.as-1.co.jp/navis-blog/2024/04/post-53.html