【Barrier-Free Invention】Information System for 360-Degree Views of Accessible Restrooms

Barrier-Free Invention: Information System for 360-Degree Views of Accessible Restrooms

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to explain a barrier-free technology that helps various people, including wheelchair users, the elderly, and families with small children, feel more comfortable when going out. We’ll explain it in a way that’s easy for elementary and middle school students to understand.

【Invention Overview】

This invention is a system that allows you to use your smartphone or other devices to find nearby accessible restrooms and view 360-degree images of their interiors. It’s like being able to look around inside the restroom before you actually go there!

【What was inconvenient before?】

Before this invention, it was difficult to find accessible restrooms. Even when you found one, you couldn’t be sure if you could use it until you actually got there. The entrance might be too narrow, or there might not be enough space inside for a wheelchair to turn around.

【How did this invention solve the problem?】

With this system, your smartphone’s map app shows you where the nearest accessible restrooms are. Plus, you can see 360-degree images of the inside of the restroom, so you can check if it’s usable before you actually go there.

【Who benefits from this, and how?】

This invention helps wheelchair users, people with strollers, and elderly people feel more confident about going out. They can easily find restroom locations and check the interior in advance, eliminating the worry of “I wonder if I can use this restroom?”

【Additional Information】

With this system, everyone can feel more comfortable going out into the city. In Japan, efforts to make cities more barrier-free increased leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Similar efforts are being made in other countries to create cities that are easy for everyone to use. As technologies like this become more widespread, we’re moving towards a world where everyone can enjoy going out. We encourage you to think about barrier-free design and how you can be considerate of others around you.

Invention Details

【Invention Name】: Information Provision System

【Application Number】: 2023-204014

【Patent Number】: —

【Patent Applicant】: Tokyo Challenged Plus Toppan Co., Ltd.

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Note: Please check the Japan Patent Office website for accurate information.

Note: This article has been slightly edited to focus on generating interest in barrier-free design rather than strict accuracy. For accurate information, please check the websites of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japan) or relevant agencies in other countries.