【2024 The newest hay fever mask】Noslock mask, a non-woven fabric mask with nasal filter to block pollen

2024 New type mask Non-woven mask with nasal filter Noslock mask ヘッダーレベル4

Revolution in pollen masks!
New type mask that directly guards the nose with nasal filter


Our new product introduction…


Have you ever experienced not being able to stop sneezing even when wearing a mask?


The cause is the “gap” between the mask and your face.


  • A typical mask can block only 70% of pollen. According to a survey by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, 20% to 30% of airborne pollen enters the mask through the gaps.
  • The nose is unprotected inside the mask. The nose needs to be specially guarded.



This is where the Noslock Mask with nasal filter function comes in!


【Structure and usage】


There is a pocket on the inside of the mask near the nose.


You insert a cotton filter into the pocket.



  • Place the nasal filter under the nose and put on the mask
  • The nasal filter directly guards the nostrils and strongly blocks pollen



Features of the mask


【Feature 1  Pocket】

  • The pocket holds the filter so it doesn’t slip off.
  • The filter fits snugly on your nose



【Feature 2  Economical】

  • You can use commercially available cosmetic cotton as a filter, which is inexpensive and economical.
  • It works well even without using expensive special filters.
    You can easily replace the filter as many times as you like.



A mask that protects your nose with a pocket that securely fits your nose, using an inexpensive filter that can be easily replaced multiple times.



Other functions [Runny nose catch function]
Troubled by a runny nose dripping inside the mask?

The filter absorbs dripping nasal mucus, so

Prevents nasal drip inside the mask


Aroma and moisturizing function


  • If you add a mint scent to the filter, a refreshing scent will spread inside the mask.
  • You can moisturize the inside of the mask by applying moisturizer to the filter.



Consideration for safety and functionality


  •  Do you know about inner masks? This is a method that “cuts pollen by 99%” recommended by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.


  • An inner mask is a rolled up piece of cotton and gauze.


  • Place this inner mask under your nose and cover it with a commercially available mask (this method is very similar to our product).


  • This can cut pollen by 99%. The Ministry of the Environment recommends this method.


“Inner mask that blocks 99% of pollen” recommended by the Ministry of the Environment
Inner mask creation examples and experimental results introduced in the Hay Fever Environmental Health Insurance Manual 2022 published by the Ministry of the Environment

Problems with the inner mask


However, this only covers (does not fix) the inner mask with a commercially available mask, which causes the following problems.

  • Inner mask is misaligned and does not function
  • It is dangerous if you accidentally swallow the inner mask.



Our new mask solves all the problems of inner masks


Our new mask has a pocket that firmly holds the inner mask (cotton filter), so the inner mask (cotton filter) does not slip. Therefore, there is no risk of accidental ingestion.



A revolution in pollen prevention masks! [Noslock Mask]>
  • A mask with a [nose filter] function born from the new idea of “directly guarding the nose”
  • Strongly blocks pollen and is safe
    New mask with nasal filter function [Noslock Mask]
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